Important Factors to Consider For Your Kitchen Curtains

39Having a clean and well organize kitchen is very important. This is the place in your home where food is prepared and therefore if your kitchen is a mess, your health and the rest of the family members might be at risk. But beyond sanitation, it is also equally important to beautify and make your kitchen look attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Enhancing your kitchen does not require you to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to do it. By just simply putting a kitchen curtain to your window, it will absolutely change how your kitchen looks. But before you rush yourself and buy a new set of curtain, you must consider few things first. One must think of certain factors like the fabric, style, colors and patterns that you will be using to accentuate your window. Here are some few tips that might help you decide.

Fabric to use.

More than anything else, one should consider the type of fabric that it will be using for its curtain. Since your window is situated at your kitchen, most probably it is more prone to dirt and stain. The material of your choice should be easy to wash and light weight to avoid hassle. It should be something that can allow air passage into your kitchen and give it enough luminosity. You can either use cotton, rayon, linen and silk but cotton would be the best choice among the others.

Type of Curtain.

You must decide also what type of curtain does your kitchen window needs. Usually windows are situated above a vanity top or a sink. Tier and café style are widely used by many people. It is a two piece of curtain which includes the top and the bottom with a break in between to allow just enough amounts of sunshine and air to come in. On the other hand, kitchen valances are tiny curtain which covers only upper part of the window. Curtain of this type is ideal especially if you are planning to place your drape near the sink. And if you want to totally block the entire window, you can opt for a roman blinds style. Though it can be lifted up, curtain of this kind is not highly recommended because it can give a darker tone to your kitchen.

Color and Design.

Now that you have an idea of what type and curtain material that you should be using, it is necessary as well to take into consideration the color and design. In choosing for the right color, you must check first the wall paint of your kitchen, these two should appropriately match. If you are unsure of what color to choose, you can go for light and neutral colors. White and beige is the safest shade to use. Design Selection is also imperative to create a balance in your kitchen. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can go from simple to highly complicated designs.

As our elders would always say, more than any part of your home, your kitchen should be given with so much importance and attention. The way your kitchen looks defines who and what you are.

Kitchen Countertops That Every Home Needs

39If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the countertop is its essence. The countertop not only serves as the place where food is prepared, it can also be a sound investment as it can last longer and for those who intend to sell their home in the future, a well-kept kitchen attracts plenty of potential buyers.

Choosing the perfect material for the kitchen can be tricky and daunting for first time buyers. Once upon a time, the selections were limited; nowadays however, one has hundreds of materials, patterns, textures and even designs to choose from. Whether one is remodeling or building their new home, below are the top kitchen materials that one should consider.


Granite is very popular and has graced many high-end kitchens because of its sturdiness, heat and scratch resistance features. As the stone is quarried from different parts of the world, the designs, colors and features of each stone is unique. As the stone is made up from mixed mineral deposits and molten magma, original granite tends to be rough and textured and depending on the abundance of the minerals embedded creates its unique coloring. Below are some of the different granites available in the market today.

  • Arandis is a type of stone quarried from Namibia and its main characteristic is its gold coloring with veins
  • Bianco Romano is natural stone that comes from Brazil. The white granite is popular not only for countertops but also for stairs or vanity tops. Aside from the Bianco Romano, Brazil is also known for the Café Imperiale which is popular because of its long-lasting features.
  • Blue Eyes is a natural stone prized for its high scratch resistance and sanitary features as well as weather resistance. The stone is not only highly demanded for countertops but also a prized material for exterior cladding. The stone is imported from Canada.

Granite stones are popular for kitchens that experience heavy traffic as it stands very well with heavy use. That said, granite countertops need re-sealing as the stone is naturally porous which makes staining a possibility. Some would require a yearly re-sealing; however, the latest models would only require re-sealing once every ten years or so.


Marble is another natural stone material that is sought after because of its timeless beauty and elegance. Although this type of stone requires care and regular maintenance, regular care will allow it to age naturally. Its porosity would require home owners to use high-grade sealant to protect the surface as acid or base products can stain the stone. That said, high quality marble when treated properly enables them to be more durable and stain resistant. Below are examples of marble stones available in the market today.

  • Emperador Light is a brown marble that comes from Spain. Another is the Gris Pulpis, which is a slightly darker brown that also comes from the country.
  • Jerusalem Gold. The distinctive coloring of the marble resembles that of many stones that grace temples and palaces used during the Middle Ages hence the name of the stone.
  • Bianco Carrara. These stones are perfect examples of the “veins” patterns that marble stones are known for. From white to grey, these stones are said to have been from the Jurassic period. Small cavities called “tarolli” naturally occurred on these slabs of stones.

Marbles are ideal for people who spend less traffic in their kitchen area and are more interested in it for its aesthetic value. That said, lighter colored stones are ideal as scratches are less apparent with lighter stones than darker ones. Having it honed and sealed before installation and regular maintenance will also help the stone to age naturally.


Quartz is an engineered stone thus is stronger and more durable than granite and marble. Not only are the stones durable, they are also heat and scratch resistant making them the perfect countertop. That said, it is slightly more expensive than granite making many homeowners having second thoughts using this material. Its durability however, makes it a sound investment.

Another feature of the stone is that it is made not only of quartz but also of other materials such as resin, polymers and pigments allowing for limitless colors and hues. As quartz is non-porous, cross contamination caused by molds and bacteria is highly unlikely. Coarse to finely ground materials also affect its final appearance. What benefits homeowners the most is that it is easy to clean and does not require any re-sealing or treatment.

Why Use Commercial Joinery In A Cafe?


Have you been thinking about opening your own café, or do you already own one that could do with a little facelift? When planning the design of your café, you should consider the use of commercial joinery to ensure that your business is put together in the most attractive and structurally sound way possible. In order for your café to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd and joinery is the perfect way to achieve this.

In many ways, hiring a contractor who specializes in commercial joinery can actually save you money in the long run. One reason for this is that they will have a number of contacts within the industry, hopefully meaning that you can get a few discounts on services and materials. The other reason is that they will know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to your project, so they are less likely to make a mistake and need to start again.

So, what joinery pieces can you expect your contractor to be able to help you out with? There are actually a number, including: a front counter for displaying food and for patrons to pay, booths and built-in seating, kitchen counters (often inlaid with hotplates), and shelving. A joinery firm will also be able to provide you with timber vanities for the bathroom and even flooring.

The other benefit of getting a commercial joinery firm to help you out when it comes to decking out your café is that all your timber components will blend together, enabling a seamless flow throughout the whole building. Don’t order some mass-produced furniture for your café – instead, opt for exquisite pieces that will have a lasting impression on your patrons.

How to Select the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

37Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment will prepare your restaurant for any cooking situation and help your restaurant to succeed. High quality equipment is required because you cannot afford one of your key equipment pieces failing on you.

Every kitchen set requires different and even specialized tools in their kitchen, depending upon their specialties, yet there is a standard list of kitchen supplies that should be included in your kitchen. Remember, your restaurant cannot operate without the right commercial kitchen equipment.

What do You Need in Your Kitchen?

Some of the key supplies you will need to have in your kitchen are refrigerators, frying cookers, mixing bowls, ovens, pizza servers, table articles, cooking equipment, bar ware, cutlery set, bake ware, broilers, pans, roasters, griddles, toasters, hotplates, steamers and any specialized items. Do not forget the funnels, cheese graters, can openers, timers, tongs and whisks for your top chef.

It is important that all of these cooking supplies are in tip top shape for multiple reasons. If the refrigerator dies, then all of your produce will go bad and you will be in trouble. If you do not have pizza servers and pizza is on the menu, how will the pizza be presented? Remember, restaurants deal a lot with the presentation of food. Without proper presentation, you may lose clients.

Renting or Second Hand Kitchen Equipment

Many restaurants that are opening up have many issues with the budget. Opening up a restaurant is not cheap so there need to be some cut backs. So the question is, should these cutbacks be made to the commercial kitchen equipment? This depends greatly on the supplies. Owners who are making the decision should always see what second hand items are available. Many pots and pans, peelers, pizza servers etc. can be an excellent second hand buy. You can review the status of the equipment and once the restaurant begins to turn a profit, you will be able to replace these items if necessary.

However, renting is a better option for electronic kitchen items. Renting a refrigerator is a much safer option than buying a second hand refrigerator. Companies will offer guarantees which mean they will fix any guaranteed piece of equipment, whereas you will have to pay and wait for someone to repair a second hand item. These types of wait times will lose your restaurant big bucks. Do not make this rookie mistake.


A good tip for restaurant owners is to constantly check the status of their kitchen supplies. Make daily routines to make sure all of the kitchen equipment is working properly. If you feel that something is about to go, then you can easily call someone in or avoid a disaster by replacing the item before it creates a real problem for your business. Also, have a backup plan. Sometimes purchasing a cheap second hand item or renting the same item can be beneficial in case of emergencies.

Choosing Kitchen Color – The 60-30-10 Rule

36It’s true that color influences our moods. That’s why it’s important to choose the right combination of colors for your kitchen to make it a pleasant place to be. Studies have shown that “hot” colors like reds and oranges can quicken the pulse rate, breathing rate and increase appetite. Soft yellows and blues can make people feel happier, and shades of green and earth tones found in nature-warm toasty browns and sandstone-can give a sense of calm and tranquility.

Color can also be used to highlight the architecture of your kitchen, or hide it, depending on your preferences. Some colors will cause cabinets and counter tops to pop forward, making them the main focus of the kitchen layout, while other colors are designed to blend with cabinets and counter spaces, giving your kitchen a more monochromatic look, with a sense of visual flow. You can also use colors to influence how large or small your kitchen will feel, and how it relates to the other adjoining rooms of your home.

While there is no “wrong” way to choose kitchen colors, be sure to take into account the cabinets, counter tops, and appliances that will be going into your kitchen. They have an overall color scheme, and make up the bulk of your kitchen space. With this in mind, choose colors that highlight and accent the counter tops, back splash tile and cabinets. The 60-30-10 rule is helpful:

1. With your kitchen designer, find the ratio of your new kitchen. 60% representing the main or dominant color, probably on the counter tops, walls or cabinets. 30% of a secondary color used in the flooring or rugs, as well as window treatments and some furniture, like bar stools and café tables. 10% for accents such as, dishes, artwork, utensils and other small counter top appliances.

2. Choose a kitchen color that will compliment the dominant, 60% color of your kitchen-meaning, it will cause your cabinets and counter tops to “pop” and give a feeling of warmth to the space. The accents (10%) can be a different color that goes well with your dominant color. OR…

3. Choose a kitchen color that blends with the dominant color of your kitchen-for example, white cabinets and grey/white granite counter tops, may benefit from a soft, blue-grey wall color and darker grey or blue accents, to give the kitchen a more clean and monochromatic look.

Based on the new appliances, hardware, cabinetry and counter tops, a professional custom cabinet manufacturer and installer can assist you in choosing the best color scheme possible, and can match color schemes using the most advanced, computer generated techniques, so you can see how your kitchen will look before a paintbrush is ever used.